Haier Suppliers Code of Conduct


As the world-leading IoT ecosystem enterprise, Haier Group has always adhered to the principle of sustainable development and promised to lead by example and abide by the high standards of environment, health and safety, human rights and labor policies, business ethics, etc. Haier Group expects to cooperate with suppliers who can comply with relevant standards and adhere to the principle of sustainable development to achieve win-win development.


Haier Group requires that all activities of Suppliers, and everybody you work with, shall fully abide by thelaws, regulations and rules of its location, and at the same time:

一、 禁止违法雇佣童工

Prohibition of illegal employment of child labor


No use of child labor. Suppliers shall hire people who have reached the local legal minimumage for employment orhave completed compulsory education, whichever is the maximum age limit. Suppliers shall not employ young employees (below 18 years of age) to perform any type of work that may harm their health, safety or morals.

二、 禁止强迫劳动

Prohibition of forced labor


Suppliers shall ensure that:

a) All the employees participate in work voluntarily.

b) No use of prohibited forms of labor including trafficking of persons, slavery, servitude, indentured labor, forced labor, and prison labor or services.

c) Do not participate in or benefit from any form of forced Labor.

d) Do not detain employees' identification documents, travel certificates and other important personal documents.

e) Do not require employees to pay recruitment fees or similar fees to the company to obtain a job.

三、 禁止歧视

Prohibitionof discrimination



Suppliers shall ensure that:

a) No discrimination based on race, gender, language, religion, politics or other opinions, social class, nationality or social origin, property, birth, alliance, sexual orientation, health status, family responsibilities, age or disability. Ensure equal pay for equal work.

b) All employment, compensation, benefits, training, promotion, punishment, expulsion, and retirement must follow objective standards.

c) Employees are free from any harassment, retaliation, threats, or any other form of abusive conduct in the workplace. Ensure that employees can form labor union in accordance with local laws.

d) Establish Communication mechanisms and Grievance procedures to help employees raise concerns and complaints to management.

e) Respect employees’ rights to bargain collectively in accordance with local laws.

四、 禁止使用自由受限的劳动者

Prohibit the use of restricted workers


Do not use labor with restricted freedom, including but not limited to persons serving sentences in prisons and detention centers, persons under administrative detention in detention centers and persons recovering from drug addiction in drug rehabilitation centers.

五、 保障薪酬和工时

Guarantee salary and working hours


Ensure fair remuneration, working hours and benefits in accordance with local laws and regulations and international conventions. Ensure reasonable breaks during working hours.


Ensure that employees are paid a fair wage, and at least the minimum wage required by local laws and regulations. Overtime wages shall apply the higher standards. Wages must be paid timely. Wage deductions shall be transparent and shall not be used as disciplinary measures.


Ensure to sign written, understandable and legally valid employment contract with all employees, and grant employees with paid vacation, sick leave and parental leave (if necessary) annually. Female employees during maternity leave shall not be dismissed or forced to resign, and must freely return to their original positions with the same wage and welfare standards.

六、 保护员工信息

Protect employees’information


Suppliers shall protect the rights and interests of employees' personal information, and collect, use employees’ personal information in accordance with the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity.

七、 保障健康与安全

Guarantee health and safety


Suppliers shall provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment,establish and adhere to health and safety policies and procedures.Suppliers should provide employees with protective equipment and necessary training, and suitable, clean and healthy infrastructure, including toilets and potable water facilities for staff numbers, to ensure safe completion of tasks.


Suppliers shall identify and access the potential emergencies (such as infectious diseases), develop emergency plans and responses procedures to minimize damage to life, environment and property.

八、 事故管理

Incident management


Suppliers shall establish system for employees to report health and safe incidents and near-missing events, and investigate, track and manage such reports,while improving action plans to reduce risks of incidents, providing necessary treatment measures to assist employees in returning to work smoothly.

九、 环境保护

Environmental protection


Suppliers shall comply with laws and regulations related to environmental protection, obtain and update necessary environmental permits, and adhere to relevant requirements of environmental protection permits, such as environmental reporting system, etc.


The supplier shall develop effective mechanisms to manage environmental issues and take appropriate measures to deal with environment-related issues. Haier tends to choose suppliers who can provide products that significantly lower their environmental impact.

十、 三废管理

Three wastes management


Solid waste: Suppliers shall use systematic methods to identify, manage and reduce hazardous solid waste and non-hazardous waste, and conduct responsible disposal and recycling.


Wastewater: Suppliers shall implement a systematic method to identify, control, and reduce waste water from operations, and regularly monitor the performance of the wastewater treatment system.


Exhaust gas: Suppliers shall manage, reduce and responsibly control the exhaust gas emissions generated during operation that are harmful to the environment, and regularly monitor the performance of the exhaust gas treatment system.

十一、 温室气体排放

Greenhouse gas emissions


Suppliers shall identify, manage, reduce and responsiblycontrol GHG emissions. Suppliers shall regularly quantify GHG emissions, set corresponding targets and monitor the progress of implementation, and lower GHG emissions through energy conservation, clean energy use and other means.

十二、 能源消耗管理

Energy consumption management


Suppliers shall actively limit its resource use in all activities from raw materials to the end of product life. Suppliers shall reduce the use of fossil fuels, water resources, hazardous substances and natural resources though energy conservation, reuse, recycling, alternative energy or other methods, optimize the control mode of business operations,enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection, and improve the implementation of environmental protection.

十三、 道德操守

Code of Ethics


Suppliers shall commit to the highest standards of moral and ethics conduct in, prohibit all kinds of corruption, extortion, fraud and bribe, including those behaviors directly or indirectly benefiting suppliers or their relatives, friends, partners.


Suppliers shall disclose to Haier any situations that may have a material conflict of interest, such as Haier’s employees or their affiliates having an important material interest with suppliers’ business or having any kind of economic relationship with suppliers.


Suppliers shall accept Haier’s anti-corruption training when necessary, and promptly convey to your employees high standards of moral and ethics in a clear and accurate manner.

十四、 冲突矿产

Conflict minerals


Suppliers shall purchase minerals and materials in a responsible manner, identify associated risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate such risks and avoid directly or indirectly financing conflicts.

Suppliers should pay particular attention to the sources of materials (including tantalum, tin, tungsten, cobalt and gold) and their processing to ensure that they do not come from high-risk areas, including areas where the following activities or situations exist: conflict, the worst forms of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking, serious violations of human rights (such as widespread sexual violence) or other high-risk activities (including serious health and safety risks and adverse environmental impacts).

十五、 保护知识产权

Protect information and respect IP and other rights


Suppliers shall respect the legitimate proprietary rights and intellectual property (IP) rights of Haier and others, take proper care to protect sensitive information, including IP, confidential information and professional technology.

十六、 管理责任和义务

Management responsibilities and obligations


Suppliers shall develop and maintain fixed procedures to identify risks related to labor and human rights, health and safety, environment, business ethics and legal compliance, and implement appropriate procedures and measures to minimize risks.


Suppliers shall prepare and post a company statement in the official language of the location demonstrating its commitment to high standards of social and environmental responsibility, ethics and sustainability.


Sub-supplier management: Suppliers shall actively connect with your suppliers (Haier's sub-suppliers) who provide products and/or services to ensure those sub-suppliers are committed to complying withthe code of conduct herein, assist and supervise those sub-suppliers to incorporate the above code of conduct into their daily operations.

十七、 可持续发展倡议

Sustainable development


Haier understands that sustainable development can provide opportunity, hopes all suppliers could give priority to purchasing products that meet the following conditions: reducing the use of raw materials, minimizing environmental impacts throughout all the lifecycle of a product or service, reducing or avoiding the use of packaging, reducing the consumption of energy or water resources, etc.


Haier will incorporate sustainable development factors into the supplier comprehensive scoring system, and increase performance scores for suppliers that perform well to obtain more business opportunities.

十八、 投诉机制

Complaint mechanism


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Haier will not tolerate any threat or retaliation against the whistleblower.


If you need to appeal, have compliance concerns or need compliance consultation, please contact Haier Compliance team (e-mail:690legal@haier.com).